Welcome to The Hull Farm

We are a family owned and operated business that manufactures Cocoa Bean Shells for garden mulch in southeastern Wisconsin. We have been a distributor for the past 30 years. We offer different varieties of for flowers, evergreens, or your landscape needs.

Application Instructions:

Use straight from the bag and spread by hand or with a rake. Cocoa Mulch should be spread in a top layer of 2". Cocoa Mulch should be evenly spread with a rake then lightly stamped down. Soak thoroughly with a fine spray of water. This will activate the natural gumming. A covering of 1-2 inches can be topped up with smaller quantities to maintain weed control.

Reasons for using Cocoa Bean Hulls for Garden Mulch

Smother out weeds
Hold moisture in the soil
Loosen tight soil
Improve moisture and organic matter in light soils
Speed soil warmup in the spring
Make weeds easy to pull out root and all
Provide winter root protection for perennials
Are ideal for asparagus beds
Are an attractive contrast with evergreens
Add pleasant aroma to the garden
Are superb mulch for perennial beds
Are light weight, easy to spread mulch
Help annuals get a good start after transplanting, Are very cost effective mulching material, Reduce need to water plants, Help produce bigger, healthier plants, Protect the soil from erosion, Improve drainage of clay soils, Are great cover for spring bulbs, Are excellent mulch for rose bushes, Prevent many weeds from germinating, Can fill tar paper cylinders around roses for winter protection, Are excellent winter mulch for mums in ground or potted, Can store tender bulbs in hulls in basement over winter